Anahata: A Cosmic Cacao Journey

Anahata: A Cosmic Cacao Journey
Event on 2017-09-20 18:30:00
Experience CHOCOLATE like never before… CACAO in the DOME! ————————————————————— EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW! ————————————————————— UNITE presents an expansive journey into the heart, led by Quantum Life in the Vancouver Planetarium full-dome Star Theater. Through a guided meditation using raw cacao, live healing sounds with Jerry DesVoignes, entrancing lights, and rhythmic breath, you will uncover new paths on your journey within. Why Raw Cacao? Raw chocolate has a unique ability to activate neurons in the human body for bliss. When combined with conscious breath, roadmaps for self-discovery spring to life, lifting the heart and mind to new realms of awareness. This event includes therapeutic light technology known as “Ajna Lights”.  They are designed to activate the pineal gland through bright, pulsating rhythms.  For more information: **ATTENTION**: Those experiencing ailments such as Epilepsy should not attend this event. EVENT OUTLINE6:30pm – Registration/orientation – Including grounding on PEMF mats 7:15pm – Last called for participants – drinking of cacao7:45pm – Enter the theater 8:00pm – Theater Experience begins with Meditation &  sound healing 10:00pm – Closing & Connection  – grounding drink offered with food options and integration time ————————————————————— EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW! ————————————————————— ABOUT QUANTUM LIFE At Quantum Life, our joy comes from sharing expansive moments with communities around the world.  We discover, we experience, we teach, and we create ways to access higher consciousness on this journey home.  If you’re looking to deepen your connection with yourself, your source, and your experience, join us on this journey without distance to a place we never left ~ ————————————————————— ABOUT Jerry DesVoignes Jerry DesVoigne is a singer, composer, performer and teacher who is dedicated to building community through sound and voice.  With music as his modality, Jerry has healed both himself and his audiences for decades; performing entrancing mantras, heavenly overtone singing, and devotional hymns for thousands.A note from Quantum Life:Jerry’s music is the gravity that re-seats the soul after our Cacao Journeys.  He is the wind that sails us back to ourselves.  A grace that gently guides us like falling feathers.  We are thrilled to have Jerry DesVoignes with us as we embark on this journey. ————————————————————— ABOUT UNITE UNITE creates opportunities for expansion into higher states of consciousness through regular meditation, music, and experiential education events worldwide. To be a sponsor or vendor for UNITE events contact: Join the UNITE COMMUNITY: Newsletter: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: ————————————————————— EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW! —————————————————————ANAHATA is presented in partnership with UNITE Thank you to our sponsors. Accepts over 65 altcoins now. Integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Fast. Simple. Secure. Buy & Sell Bitcoin Using Canada's Best Bitcoin ATM Network.

at Vancouver Museum
1100 Chesnut Street
Vancouver, Canada

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