Blockchain for Commodity Trading, Supply Chain Management and Trade Finance

Blockchain for Commodity Trading, Supply Chain Management and Trade Finance
Event on 2017-09-14 08:30:00
Blockchains are not going to save the world, they will however bring significant changes to the way we do business today. This workshop is for senior decision makers in the Commodity Trading, Commodity Supply Chain Management and Commodity Trade Finance businesses. Our workshop will take you step by step through the process of using blockchains and cryptocurrencies for your firm. We take a real-life case study so that you can witness the journey of a blockchain business application from its conceptualization to implementation and evaluate for yourself how you can plan a similar journey for your firm. Requirements Any laptop with at-least 8GB of RAM and 16GB hard drive if you would like to do some hands on exercises. Not mandatory Recommended Experience Basic understanding of commodity trading OR commodity supply chain management OR commodity trade finance Programming experience is not required Course Syllabus Day 1: Morning Session State of IT systems in commodity industry, Blockchain Basics, other topics covered in this session include: Experimenting with Ethereum Cryptography Fundamentals Blockchain Attributes Blockchain as a database Blockchain as a distributed ledger Introduction to consensus algorithms: Proof of Work Introduction to Bitcoin infrastructure Blockchain as a distributed computer Blockchain as a truth machine for Agris, Metals and Energy commodities   Day 1: Afternoon Session Smart-contract Basics, Using smart-contracts in the commodity industry, other topics covered in this session include: Smart Contract Implementation Legal Dimensions of Smart Contracts Optional Practice Track: Deploying a Smart Contract on Ethereum The Blockchain Public Protocol Landscape More public protocols: Case Studies Typical commodity spot and forward contracts and how they can be implemented on a smart contract Satisfying regulatory requirements in commodity trading through blockchains   Day2:  Morning Session Build your own blockchain network for commodity business applications Introduction to managed networks Example use cases What are managed networks? Why Managed Networks? Introduction to Hyperledger Deploy and run Chaincode Case Study of a production grade mission critical trade finance business application on Blockchain Feeding market data to Blockchain for executing smart contracts   Day2:  Afternoon Session Cryptocurrencies, Mining and ICOs as part of your business landscape Introduction to Etherum and Bitcoin Mining Mining your own cryptocurrency and using it for transaction settlements on the business network Managing FX risks with cryptocurrencies Valuation of cryptocurrencies Using ICO for raising funding for your operations Legal issues in settlement through crypto and ICOs How the commodities origination business can leverage blockchain for visibility and cryptocurrencies for settlement Generate your ‘Blockchain for Commodities’ certificate and immutably store it for eternity on Ethereum. Link it to your LinkedIn profile Drinks and Dinner   About the trainers: ANISH MOHAMMED Anish has been working in the security and cryptography area for the past 15 years, as a researcher and as a consultant. He has spent half his career researching cryptographic algorithms and protocols. He has also worked as a strategy consultant for Accenture and Capgemini. He has been involved in the Blockchain ecosystem as one of the founding members of UKDCA . He is also on the advisory board for Adjoint, Arteia, Privacy Shell, Ripple Labs, Hyperloop Transport Technologies , EA Ventures, IEET  and Chain of Things. These days he more focussed on projects that involve security vs scalability vs consensus of Blockchain and using smart contracts for AI safety. He is a regular speaker and contributor in the areas of AI safety, Robotics, cybersecurity and blockchain. He is currently the chief science officer for Blockchainsmokers and Dean of Blockchain technologies at Exosphere Academy.   AGASH NAVARANJAN Agash is the lead Blockchain developer at Satoshi Systems Limited. He ensures that the distributed ledger architecture for Satoshi is not just operative but satisfies all the expectations of a mission critical system. A graduate from Kings College, London – he has been actively coding since the last 6 years out of which the last 3 years were purely on Blockchain related projects.   ZIAN YUSUF Zian is the Lead Full Stack Developer at Satoshi Systems Limited. His expertise is on migrating traditional applications on a blockchain architecture. Zian is also a DIY Cryptocurrency mining rigs enthusiastic and has set up best in class mining rigs for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies. A graduate from Kings College, London – he has been actively coding since the last 6 years out of which the last 3 years were purely on Blockchain related projects.   KHAI VUALNAM Khai has over 17 years experience in a leading agri-business company with deep experience in all the elements of the commodity supply chain including origination, logistics, processing, financing and trading. He has worked with teams to develop systems to support and grow the commodity trading business. Khai is enthusiastic about bringing together the best elements of blockchain technology with commodity trading businesses to deliver superior results. SAURABH GOYAL Saurabh, is the founder and chief product architect at Satoshi Systems Limited – a firm focusing on using blockchain in the commodity trade finance use case. Saurabh has 15 years of experience in conceptualizing, designing and developing commodity trading systems. One of the earliest bitcoin & blockchain backer, Saurabh is passionate about emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and AI for the finch industry.

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