Eddie Hobbs & SBCI’s Gráinne de Lacy – Talking Finance

Eddie Hobbs & SBCI’s Gráinne de Lacy – Talking Finance
Event on 2017-09-19 19:00:00
SBCI Gráinne de Lacy will update us about the flexible finance options provided for the Irish SME sector through the SBCI: A new, strategic SME funding company, the SBCI’s goal is to ensure access to flexible funding for Irish SMEs by facilitating the provision of: Flexible products with longer maturity and capital repayment flexibility, subject to credit approval; Lower cost funding to financial institutions, the benefit of which is passed on to SMEs; Market access for new entrants to the SME lending market, creating real competition. All of these elements create a more competitive and dynamic environment for SME funding. The SBCI is a vital new part of the country’s financial architecture. By taking a fresh approach to funding SMEs in Ireland, the long-term potential of the sector to drive economic growth and job creation will be actively supported. Eddie Hobbs is best known for writing and presenting RTE’s 2005 blockbuster Rip Off Republic a hard – hitting polemic that closely examined how Ireland is run.  He’s also presented RTE’s award winning personal finance series Show Me The Money, entertainment programme 30 Things to do with your SSIA, The Consumer Show and My Civil War.  He has written four bestselling books on personal finance and acted as master editor for a fifth book, Own Our Oil an anthology of articles from 15 contributors.  He is a regular contributor to national debates on Radio and Television programmes on matters relating to economic management, competition, natural resources and personal finance.  He is patron of The Jack & Jill’s Children Foundation and is married with four children, living in County Kildare. Eddie is going to share some of his knowledge about national and EU wide economic issues with attendees, including addressing the following areas: Why the GFC in 2008 may be part of a pattern and not a once off event. What the next major financial pivot is likely to be, what to expect and how to prepare. Why the groupthink or consensus is unwise to follow and what assets to hold over the next few years. The game changer for SME owners, Entrepreneurs Relief, how it is likely to develop and why post-Brexit. Why Pension Schemes are in the Cross Hairs What options are open within the EU to lower tax after retirement. What banks are safer than others and why. Which countries banks and currencies are strongest. Rebecca Harrison, MD of Fishers of Newtownmountkennedy – SBCI Case Study Rebecca will share her personal experience as a local Wicklow business of acquiring an SBCI loan and outline the benefits she found for her business. 

at Fishers of Newtownmountkennedy & FOOD at Fishers Cafe

Wicklow, Ireland

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