Financial Strategies & Wealth Building Empowerment

Financial Strategies & Wealth Building Empowerment
Event on 2017-05-20 10:00:00
What are you doing to protect yourself from the impeding finacial collapes that has already begun? You might be asking, "what collapse?" Well, there is a global economic collapse happening right before us and most people are unaware.  One thing is certiant though! You will either be a beneficiary or a victim of the collapse, when all is said and done.   My Financial Stragies and Wealth Building Empowerment Seminars will educate and empower you! You will learn: What money is and how it works The difference between money and currency Understand the term: "fiat" What a Federal Reserve Note is  Learn the Wealth Building Strategy of dollar cost averaging Why Gold and Silver should be a part of your financial porfolio All currencies have an expiration date What a currency collapse looks like Surviving an economic collapse Understand the economic terms for inflation, hyperinflation, recession and depression Cryptocurrency…what it is and is it safe Crypto mining–an investment stragey Bitcion, Etherium, and other cryptocurrencies Zero–based budgeting Difference between being rich and being wealthy How to accumulate wealth Asset protection …and so much more!!

at Passages Art Gallery
509 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, United States

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