Event on 2017-07-25 19:00:00
The world of finance is changing, evolution of money is happening now, governments, banks and regulatory authorities are all looking to the change from paper currency to digital opportunities globally. Are you aware of the impact and opportunities on your personal finances?  Are you seeking a way to plan ahead NOW and build your income for retirement, a child's education, a deposit for a property, pay off your mortgage etc. Unhappy with your current gains from bank interest rates or pension returns?  The benefits and possibilities are endless. This is an educational event, come along and learn more for FREE.                                                                       This is ideal for anyone who is interested in generating multi-income streams or any interest in an introduction to finance,blockchain, smartcontracts,cryptocurrency.                                                                                                                       Bitcoin was the market leader, went from zero value to 00 in June this year, in 8 years, the market is already worth an astonishing  billion and growing rapidly with the daily use of internet, global access and social media platforms. We believe that Dascoin and its extensive ecosystem, unrivalled company founders professional expertise and business acumen and  our Whitepaper will make us THE dominant Digital Currency force of the future.                Early adopters who purchased Bitcoin ,in the beginning, and held onto them made millions (300 millionnaires,1 Billionnaire in the last 5 years!)                                                                                                                                   Did you miss out on Google, Apple, Amazon, Bitcoin?  Can you see the opporunities to be an early adopter,  pre-external exchange launch in Spring 2018 and maximise your personal financial return on this knowledge?   Or simply empower yourself through information.                 Come along and meet us, bring a friend or two, we're happy to answer your questions or simply solve your curiosity. Registration at 7.00pm, starts at 7.15pm.

at Drumossie Hotel
Old Perth Road
Inverness, United Kingdom

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