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Ethereum Solidity Workshop The Ethereum blockchain has caught fire. Both public ventures and private consortiums large and small are building new Smart Contract innovations on Ethereum. Ether has rapidly risen as a crypto currency standard and is beginning to rival Bitcoin in reach and market cap.  Smart Contracts can be written in a few languages today but Solidity, an official language of Ethereum, is one of the most commonly used languages worldwide to write Smart Contracts. Anything from Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) to Large Volume Transaction Systems (LVTS’s) can be built, and are being built, with Solidity. Training is extremely scarce as there are few educational resources available on Solidity and there is almost no in-person training available. FinTech School is organizing a two-day workshop where you can learn Solidity. It will begin with the underlying concepts,and will build from there to hands-on coding exercises. Upon completion of this workshop participants will  be ready to develop their first end to end Dapp (Distributed Application), be better prepared to apply for Blockchain Developer and Architect jobs and receive a Certificate of Completion via blockchain.   Solidity Course Outline Day 1 Sat August 12, 2017 – 9:30am to 1:30pm  1. Intro to Smart Contracts  Writing your first Smart Contract  Create function inside Smart Contract  Deploy Smart Contract  Call Function 2. State Variables & Control Structure  Comment a statement  Boolean Variables  Integer Variables  Float Variables  Fixed Size Byte  String  Address Variables  Function returning multiple value  If, Else, While, Do, For, Break, Continue, Return 3. Data Location   Storage  Memory  Call Data Day 2 Sunday August 13, 2017 – 9:30am to 1:30pm 1. Structure 2. Enums & Events 3. Constructor Function 4. Modifier Function 5. Handling Ether in Solidity Keyword Payable Check Ether balance Keyword this Transfer Ether to Contract Transfer Ether from Contract Difference between .send & .transfer 6. Internal & External Functions 7. Inheritance 8. Visibility & Getter function Prerequisites Basic Programming skills of C or Java Script highly recommended. Please note this is not  an "Introduction to Blockchain Course". Participants should have a basic understanding of blockchain. This workshop will continue from blockchain basics to focus on Smart Contract development.  Instructor Neeraj Srivastava  

at The Vault / Online
415 Jackson St Ste B
San Francisco, United States

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