Free Forex Trading Workshop

Free Forex Trading Workshop
Event on 2017-06-01 18:30:00
For those looking for something a little bit different and more stable, should consider trading the Foreign Exchange Market. We are one of the only companies that will sit with you and show you how to trade to make profit. Trading Forex can give you the chance to earn a secondary or even primary income. Our aim is to help as many people as possible reach their financial goal. Over the years we have helped over 250,000 people like you. Trading is so flexible you can trade at home 24 hour 7 days a week or you can come and trade alongside our coaches. AT THIS FREE EVENT WE WILL TEACH YOU: The secrets behind proven and ready to implement wealth creation strategies – and how to implement them immediately How to make serious money on autopilot using the latest trading technology and software The exact Forex trading strategies and risk-management tools developed and used by Multi-Millionaire Greg Secker himself. The discipline that means you’ll never risk more than 1% of your capital How to live rich for a lifetime and use currency trading to make it happen YOU’LL BE LEARNING FROM THE VERY BEST All of our content comes from our CEO, who is a multi-Millionaire currency trader, so he really knows what he is talking about! Greg’s career began in Thomas Cook Financial services. He then moved over to the foreign exchange business to run a brand new business entitled the Virtual Trading Desk™. VTD was the first online real-time Forex trading platform, allowing customers to receive real-time quotes for huge foreign exchange transactions. His career quickly progressed and he went on to be a Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, then a major Fortune 500 investment bank in the United States. Here he was lucky enough to be working around some of the very best traders in the world. Using the very same trading strategies discovered on his travels around international trading floors, Greg’s personal trading account grew to the extent where he decided to leave Mellon and set up a trading floor from his home. In just 3 short months Greg’s company Learn to Trade was born.

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London, United Kingdom

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