Garden of Grief

Garden of Grief
Event on 2017-08-25 21:00:00
“The Garden of Grief” is an installation that focuses on the story of two trees who fall in love in a small garden, as one faces the beginning of her life in this new place, and the other faces the end of his garden life. It explores how we fill spaces when we connect with others, how we construct/deconstruct ourselves physically and emotionally when we love, and what happens to that construction when love is lost. This immersive piece is about the endless cycle of gaining and losing what we love throughout our lives as one of the pillars of the human existence. Ryan Lee Kirkpatrick (project head/sound) is a video/sound artist who recently graduated from ASU with a BA in Theatre. Recent work includes: media/sound for I Am Enough with Grey Box Collective, and sound for Bedtime Stories, an installation. During his time at ASU, he designed media/sound for many shows for ASU Mainstage and Binary Theatre Company (for which he acted as the Media Representative). Alejandra Gama (project head/costume, scenic, lights) is an installation artist with her most recent piece, Bedtime Stories, exhibiting in May. Previous work includes: In Commemoration of a Little Bird, exhibiting at Emerge 2014, and various scenic/costume designs for Binary Theater and Grey Box Collective. Molly Schenck (performance instructor) is the founding artistic director of Grey Box Collective (GBC). As a solo artist, Schenck has choreographed and performed in HERAKLES with orange Theatre Group, directed Finger Painting [for grown-ups] with Binary Theatre, and performed in the tiny dances series with Conder Dance. She earned an MFA in Dance from Arizona State University, and an MEd. in Higher Education and BA in Theatre from the University of Maine. Katherine Reid (performer) is a junior at ASU, pursuing a bachelor's degree in acting. She is currently the Acting Representative for ASU Binary Theatre Company./Tony Potts (performer) is a senior Theatre student at ASU and the Marketing Director for Binary Theatre Company. Tony Potts (performer) is a senior Theatre student at ASU and the Marketing Director for Binary Theatre Company, last seen in Bedtime Stories, an installation. Previous roles include Andy in BTC’s Some Like to…, Nico in BTC's Necrosis, and Adam in the short film, Relative. Donation – .00

at Mesa Arts Center
1 East Main Street
Mesa, United States

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