GOLFERS NIGHT: Learn2Trade Bitcoin & Altcoin

GOLFERS NIGHT: Learn2Trade Bitcoin & Altcoin
Event on 2017-11-15 19:00:00
GOLFERS' NIGHT: Learn2Trade Bitcoin & Altcoin Wednesday & Friday Only 7pm – 10pm 20th Floor Strata 100 Emerald Avenue 1605 Ortigas Center, Pasig City (02) 621 4274 0916 643 0050 CANDIDATE PARTICIPANT (By Invitation Only): 1. Presiden / CEO / VIP 2. Director / Chairman 3. Entrepreneurs / Businessman 4. Golf Enthusiast 5. Desire to Protect their Money 6. Hedge Mindset 7. Participants from the Province are Welcome 8. Willing to Learn & Travel with us to our Europe Office POTENTIAL GAIN: 20 – 35% (annual) or more Car + Travel + Condo WHAT YOU WILL LEARN / GET FROM US: VIP COURSE WORTH 1BTC / PHP 200K "How to make Php 5k – 50k everyday — and on some days..more. We will teach you how to 'Learn2Trade' and earn the same. You will learn how to 'secure your family and fortune' from the next global crash. It's coming and it's fatal!" "Back in the year 2000, it was stocks — the bubble. In the year 2008, it was stock market and real estate — the global financial meltdown. This time, it is stocks, real estates, bonds and treasury bills  — debts issued by countries using fiat currencies.." "And they are all in some of the biggest bubbles of all time. When these burst, it’s going to be devastating for most people but it doesn’t have to be devastating for you and your family.” 1. Hidden Secrets: History of Money 2. What 95% of People Will Never Know About Money 3. Learn2Trade Bitcoin & Altcoin — Unlimited Training, Live Coaching and Mentoring 4. Trading Course ** Chart Reading: Identify Support & Resistance ** Fundamental Factors Affecting the Price of BTC ** Technical Analysis: Tools, Patterns & Indicators ** How to Trade: Centralized Platform i.e. Bitstamp ** Trading Plan: Entry Price & Exit Profit ** Financial Strategy / Rule ** Trade Like a Casino Owner ** Documenting Trades: Win vs. Loss / Habit ** Discipline, Patience & Emotionless Trading ** Different Altcoins: Different Strategies ** Profit from Trend: Cryptosurfing ** Profit from a Declining Market ** Powerful Candlestick Patterns ** How to Avoid Being Scammed on Altcoins ** ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Opportunities ** Self Trading vs. Managed Accounts ** Protecting your Bitcoin Off the Grid / Offline ** Legalities on Bitcoin & Altcoin Opportunities We can PAMPER '10 VIP guest only' per week.  This EVENT is for 'middle class to upscale market' only. TO SECURE A VIP TREAT & INVITATION: SHOOT us FIRST an email: TO LEARN MORE: (02) 621 4274 0916 643 0050

at 20th Floor Strata 100
Emerald Avenue , Ortigas Center
Quezon City, Philippines

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