Stock Valuation Modelling from Hedge Fund Analyst, Jamie Beaton

Stock Valuation Modelling from Hedge Fund Analyst, Jamie Beaton
Event on 2017-08-15 18:00:00
Learn Financial Modeling from Hedge Fund Analyst and Applied Mathematics Harvard Graduate, Jamie Beaton.  If you want to succeed in finance, regardless of whether you want to be a hedge fund analyst, private equity analyst, investment banker, equity trader or quantitative analyst, you will need to master financial modeling. Jamie Beaton will train you on how to take your qualitative observations and insights and build a financial model to allow you to invest with enhanced accuracy. This is a must attend course for any aspiring financiers and an exciting opportunity to learn from an expert in an interactive environment filled with real-life examples from the front lines of stock investing on Wall Street.  Who is this event for? 1. Current university students at University of Sydney, UNSW, UTS, Macquarie and other institutions who want to break into Wall Street with coursework in economics, finance, engineering, statistics, mathematics or computer science. 2. Professionals at KPMG, Deloitte, EY, PWC, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, McKinsey, BCG, Oliver Wyman, and other professional/financial service firms;3. Extremely high achieving high school students with intensive skills in mathematics or economics; Fundamental equity analysis is one style of investing you need to know and for the first time in Australian history, a Tiger Management hedge fund analyst, Jamie Beaton, is here to deliver 2 intensive 1 day boot camps (intermediate and advanced) that will equip you with the knowledge, insights, and case studies to boost your skill set as an investor. Jamie completed 10 A Level subjects with 8 A*s and 2 As as Dux of King’s College. This is enough A Levels to receive a 99.95 ATAR not once but twice! He scored Top in the World in A Level English Literature, Top in New Zealand in A2 Business Studies (self-studied) and Top in the World IGCSE English Literature. Jamie coined the term “self-study” after teaching himself 12 different NZQA Scholarship exams and 5 of his A Levels. After high school, he applied to 25 of the world’s best universities and gained admission into every single one including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, Duke, University of Cambridge and more. Jamie was one of the only students at Harvard to land a Hedge Fund opportunity in their freshman year at quantitative trading firm Weiss Asset Management. At the age of 19, Jamie joined Tiger Management, the hedge fund founded by billionaire Julian Robertson who was knighted for Philanthropic Service to New Zealand. As the youngest ever analyst in the company’s history, Jamie managed more than 0 MM USD in positions, generated ideas, implemented quantitative trading processes, and met with management teams around the world. In 2016, Jamie was the youngest person in the world to get into Stanford Graduate School of Business for their elite MBA program with an acceptance rate of 6.1%. Jamie has raised more than million Australian dollars in capital for ed-tech start-up Crimson Education. He is a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, New Zealand Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2016, and New Zealand Young Innovator of the Year 2016. The intermediate course will take place from 6pm – 9pm on August 14th and August 15th. The advanced course will take place from 6pm – 9pm on August 16th and August 17th. (Attendees must attend intermediate beforehand). INTERMEDIATE Global Equity Valuation (2 days, 6pm – 9pm): Mastering the DCF valuation methodology Revenue build – breaking out the core drivers of revenue Top-down approach Bottom-up approach Cost build – understanding core drivers of fixed and variable cost across the business Understanding potential operating leverage in the business Projecting change in working capital, CAPEX and depreciation Discount rate – selecting assumptions for calculating WACC, and appropriate use of the discount rate Terminal value – selecting a terminal growth rate, and a suitable time horizon of forecast cash flows Sensitivity analysis – how to test the impact of changes in your assumptions on your DCF valuation Cross-border DCF – how to adjust for differing risk-free rates, multiple currencies, country risk, and segmented capital markets ADVANCED Global Equity Valuation (2 days, 6pm – 9pm): Mastering the DCF valuation methodology (Prerequisite: INTERMEDIATE Global Equity Valuation) Case study 1: Seaworld – modelling cash flows of heavy fixed cost business Case study 2: GrubHub – understanding cash flow profile of a platform business Case study 3: Apollo Education – sum of the parts in distressed situations Cross-border DCF – how to adjust for differing risk-free rates, multiple currencies, country risk, and segmented capital markets Interested in other areas of investing? 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at The University of Sydney
Quadrangle Building, Latin 1 S224
Camperdown, Australia

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