STRIDE Lab | Complementary Currency Design

STRIDE Lab | Complementary Currency Design
Event on 2017-11-10 17:00:00
A STRIDE Learning Lab on understanding and conceiving alternative transactional systems to foster collaboration. “Everyone can create money; the problem is to get it accepted” – Hyman Minsky ABOUT Money is all around us. For most of us it determines status and success, it equates to power, pleasure and security. Even the majority of economists see it as a neutral and natural constituent of our socio-economic fabric. Yet, and reinforced by the financial crisis of 2008, questions about today’s monetary system, its institutional setup, governance and significance have been raised. Throughout history so called complementary currencies have existed in communities and parallel economies that expressed different value systems and enabled collaboration at odds with the conventional market logic. In this Lab we will unravel the nature of the money as we know it. And we will examine and experiment with novel currencies as social technologies to empower the economies of transition that are needed for social justice and sustainable development. WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN THE LAB? You know that money matters at some level but wondered why there is never enough of it. You have this hunch that some things don’t get mentioned when the news report on financial figures, banks and austerity measures. You heard about bitcoin, timebanks, WIR francs and always wanted to understand how they relate to each other and “money as we know it”. You want to find out if monetary innovations can contribute to your business idea, community or network and what transformations they can realistically deliver. With all the buzz about mobile banking, blockchains, FinTech – how does it actually work and which trends should one be excited, relaxed or even concerned about? unCERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION Upon successful completion of a pre-assignment (1-3h), the workshop (12h) and a post-assignment (8-14h) demonstrating expected learning outcomes, you will obtain an unCertificate of Completion (equivalent of 1 ECTS). ABOUT THE LAB TEACHER Collaboration not competition lies at the heart of our economies. And nothing has such profound impacts on our personal and global collaboration as the nature of the money we use to facilitate them. After finishing my masters in Neurophysiology and Philosophy new forms of values-based money called complementary currencies have captivated my attention and creativity. From 2012 to 2015 I managed the international EU Interreg project Community Currencies in Action for the New Economics Foundation and am currently working as a doctoral researcher at the University of Cumbria’s Institute for Leadership and Sustainability.   Learn more about Leander ABOUT STRIDE LABS "STRIDE Labs" introduce subject-specific skills and understanding. Lab subjects range from alternative organisational models to growth hacking to coding and to inner self-leadership. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a unique STRIDE unCertificate in the topic. Registration is open to all. Read more here By registering for the event or purchasing a ticket I agree to the STRIDE's Terms & Conditions.

at The Hub Zürich
Viaduktstrasse 93-95
Zürich, Switzerland

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